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The No More 9 to 5 Club is run by a team of combat veterans, CEOs, millionaires and other top-level professionals. We bring you a fun way to learn about opportunities to save, grow and invest in yourself and your finances. We add value through camaraderie from a community that helps you succeed. We have taken the best of the best that everybody else has to offer and give it away, for free. We do this because that̢۪s what we know people need.

We welcome all people who fit into our psychographics. Being able to help others after learning the benefits of The No More 9 to 5 Club is one way of giving back to the community. Whether someone just wants to use one of the tools in our free toolbox to help them succeed. Or they use all of them and help others take back their time, the choice is theirs. We provide everything for free, so no one has to feel pressured.

The journey starts off with mindset training. Mindset is important for a variety of reasons. If you give someone with the wrong mindset millions of dollars, chances are nothing good will come of it. If someone has the right mindset, not only can they take that money and start making more money, but they can also do it in a way that adds value to the world. Education is key in developing a good mindset. Many people suffer from a lack of ability to learn. Whether it is because they are too distracted, they think they know everything or they actively choose to be lazy, This affects all of us at some point in our life.

Making a choice to devote time and energy to achieving your goals is essential to your life. There is a need to be balanced in everything we do in life. Taking care of one̢۪s physical and mental health is crucial to succeeding in your entrepreneurial journey. We must be confident in our ability to take care of ourselves to get to the point where we can look out for others. The start of this journey aims to teach you how you can become more independent yourself. It will also help you trust your own expertise and be less reliant on traditional income streams.

The key to building a passive income stream is knowledge. Truth is there are a variety of ways to do it and The No More 9 to 5 Club finds the best ways to keep us all diversified and happy! We spend years in school learning how to be good employees, followers, and citizens, but in reality school doesn̢۪t teach us all how to be good leaders. Schools definitely don̢۪t teach people how to break free from the rat race (unless you paid for private school). The point is we want you to consider a small fraction of your time to learn how to become your own boss. The results will amaze you. After we educate you about mindset we are going to take you on an entrepreneurial pathway meant to teach you how to save money, earn money, and then properly invest and compound your money.

The no more 9 to 5 club is not a job. It̢۪s a toolbox and the more you use the tools the better the results will be. The choice is yours to engage with us daily, weekly, or ever. Going back to the mindset about being able to make more money with your money while you sleep and travel, usually this one goal makes it easier for us to achieve our other goals. Being able to reclaim your time and own every minute of your day is truly a game changer. It is doable.

We built a team of experts and trusted advisors in the hopes that if we lead you right, you will do the same for others one day! The first step to mindset is being able to admit that you don̢۪t know everything and seek out the knowledge of what you know you don̢۪t know. The next question is what is it that you don̢۪t know you don̢۪t know. That̢۪s what we intend to educate you on. We will have useful information on things that you will want to know about but it̢۪s the information that will surprise you that is usually most valuable. Come into the club, ask questions, watch the videos, try our free courses and make friends.